Adobe’s New AI Tool: Transforming Music Editing with Simple Text Commands

Adobe's New AI Tool: Transforming Music Editing with Simple Text Commands

Adobe has introduced a cool new tool that makes editing music and audio as easy as sending a text message. This tool, revealed at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn, lets anyone, even those without professional skills, change music tracks by just telling the AI what they want. It’s similar to asking ChatGPT to write something for you.

Right now, it’s a bit unclear if users can edit their own music or only tunes provided by Adobe’s new tool, which for now, only works with music that’s free for everyone to use.

Here’s how it works: You type in what kind of music you’re looking for, like “breezy summer tunes” or “90s New York hip-hop.” Then, you can tell the AI to adjust the music’s mood, speed, or even structure however you like.

Imagine making a unique background track for a YouTube video in just a few minutes. You pick a song, ask the AI to spice it up or loop it, and there you have it: your very own intro music.

Adobe has mentioned that this music editing tool is still being worked on and isn’t ready for the public just yet.

Gautham Mysore from Adobe explains that this tool is about letting AI help you create music your way, without needing to be a music expert. It’s about bringing your musical ideas to life easily.

This innovation is exciting but might worry professional audio editors. As AI continues to grow, it’s changing how work is done in many fields. We need to be ready for these changes.