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Apple’s iPhone Messaging Revolution: Embracing RCS Standard by 2024

Exciting iPhone News: Apple’s Big Upgrade for Texting!

Get ready for a major messaging makeover! Apple has just announced some game-changing plans to make texting between iPhones and non-iPhones way better. By 2024, they’re embracing the RCS (Rich Communication Services) standard, and it might even mean saying goodbye to those familiar green text bubbles for non-iPhone users.

But hold on – this upgrade isn’t just about looks. If you’ve ever faced issues with those green text bubbles, you know the struggle of texting with non-iPhone users. It’s like a warning sign – trouble might be on the way.

Think videos not delivering properly or showing up super small and low-quality. Group chats turning into a mess, making regular conversations a bit of a headache. Sure, we often joke about Android users causing problems, but it turns out Apple has been a bit slow to make things easy across devices.

According to an Apple spokesperson talking to 9to5Mac, they’re adding support for RCS Universal Profile next year, following the standard set by the GSM Association. The goal? To give us a better communication experience than the usual SMS or MMS. And don’t worry, iMessage isn’t going anywhere – it’s staying as the top choice for security and overall messaging experience for iPhone users.

So, what’s changing? Brace yourself for better group chats, smoother media sharing, read receipts, and those three dots telling you when someone is typing. And if you’re wondering about the color of these RCS messages, Apple confirmed to 9to5Mac that they’ll stick with the familiar green. They’re adopting RCS without saying goodbye to iMessage – they’re just getting rid of SMS and MMS, while still working alongside iMessage.

This move lets Apple keep telling us who’s texting from an iPhone and who’s using one of those other phones (JK). Get ready for a whole new era of iPhone messaging as Apple dives into the RCS standard!

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