Spotify Teases New Chat Feature to Enhance Group Listening


By: Nick Gambino

Spotify is working on making its app more interactive by adding features that encourage group activities. Last year, they introduced Jams, which lets users create and share playlists to listen to together, either in person or remotely.

Recently, a tech expert from Android Authority found some code suggesting a new chat feature might be coming to Jams. The potential name for this feature is “campfire,” which fits well with the idea of friends gathering to enjoy music together.

This chat feature would be great for keeping users inside the Spotify app, instead of switching to other messaging apps like iMessage or WhatsApp to talk about the music. Many companies struggle with keeping users engaged within their apps, and this could help Spotify achieve that.

While chatting isn’t necessary for in-person Jams, it would be very useful for remote Jams, where constantly switching between apps can be annoying. However, this chat feature will likely be available only for Premium subscribers since remote Jams are a Premium-exclusive feature. Free users can only join local, in-person sessions.

It’s important to note that finding a piece of code doesn’t guarantee we’ll see this chat feature soon. It might still be in the early testing phase, possibly even just internal testing.

Nevertheless, it would be surprising if Spotify didn’t eventually introduce some form of chat feature. It aligns well with their current offerings, which include listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts, and would add a new layer to the experience.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this feature.